Kelly's 5-Day Online KETO Bootcamp!

In 5-Days, I'll share with you EVERYTHING I learned about going KETO the RIGHT WAY for incredibly effective fat loss. Are you ready?

What's included?

My 5-Day ONLINE KETO BOOTCAMP: The Video Modules

You'll learn how to go KETO from your guide (that's me- Kelly Olexa!) through 8 SELF-PACED video modules. I'm sharing with you everything I learned when I went KETO so you don't have to waste time with all the trial & error trying to figure things out on your own. I teach you the most important things TO DO and also what NOT to do (equally as important!). These video modules will be constantly updated every quarter if not more often, based on the extensive research I'm doing on keto and fasting and hormones, so your LIFETIME ACCESS ensures that you'll always stay on top of the latest information that will help you stay lean and healthy!

The Facebook Group & Community: Ongoing Learning

It wouldn't be an online course without a Facebook group right? In our Facebook group, I encourage you to ask questions-- any questions you have about your KETO journey! I'll also be hosting monthly special guest interviews in the private Facebook group with real life weight loss transformation guests and also best selling authors, doctors and practitioners sharing their wisdom and advice. Your LIFETIME ACCESS ensures you'll always get to stay up to date with what I'm learning and sharing in the group - plus you'll meet new friends on the same journey as you!

Keto Guidebook

You'll also receive an always updating KETO Guidebook with links to cool KETO products and articles, best practices, and summaries of what we covered in the course modules. 

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Kelly Olexa

Kelly Olexa has been a fitness fanatic for most of her adult life, yet for many of the past several years she struggled with being able to lose weight. She knew the answer was somewhere in the hormonal imbalance situation she was fighting, and she was right. Working with her functional medicine doctor, she went KETO and lost 36 inches and 30LBS. She learned why hormonal imbalance causes weight loss problems for women and why KETO + fasting is the miracle solution. She is now a KETO coach and has helped dozens upon dozens of women lose weight on keto-- every woman has lost over 25lbs since working with Kelly! This course will allow Kelly to bring her expertise about keto for women to the masses and help more women transform their bodies and their confidence! 
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